Simply Lulu Style is a blog I started as a showcase for jewelry I was creating.  I soon discovered that I liked the creating the outfits more than the jewelry!  Who am I?  I'm a wife, twin mom,  and art lover of all things fashion and decor.  I'm a foodie (when I have time to cook) and a wanna be DIY'r.  I'm a neat freak, organizational queen, and totally imperfect (I cannot iron!).  Although I love designer jeans and some killer heels, my faith defines me, not what I wear.  It's how beautiful you are on the inside that counts.

Welcome to Simply Lulu Style.  I hope you'll find inspiration here.

Read about the best of my life, my joyful struggles, and silly tid bits about me.  Contact me: simplylulustyle@gmail.com

For more of my favorite styles and pieces visit my Lulu's Shop!

xo Lulu

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